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The meeting will address recent developments in the theory and applications of ambit processes. The ambit processes form a general class of processes for tempo-spatial modelling, but have interesting and non-trivial aspects already in the purely temporal case.

Ambit processes are generally not of the semimartingale type, and the subject of ambit processes thereby links closely to another topic of substantial current interest, that of properties and applicability of non-semimartingales.  Applications to turbulence, finance and cell growth will be discussed, with particular focus on the former area. For the study and solution of key problems in the fields concerned the newly established results on multipower variation and on central limit theory in the context of Malliavin calculus are essential, and such material will be covered in some of the survey talks.

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Themes of the Meeting

  • Ambit Processes and Brownian Semistationary Processes
  • Non-Semimartingale Issues
  • Multipower Variation and CLT in Malliavin Calculus
  • Basics and Phenomenology of the Physics of Turbulence
  • Stochastic Processes Modelling of Turbulence: Temporal and Tempo-Spatial Modelling
  • Turbulence and Finance
  • Application of Ambit Processes in Energy Markets
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The meeting will consist of a mixture of survey talks and research talks, and it is hoped to attract senior researchers with special interest in the topics of the meeting as well as younger researchers at the PhD and postdoc levels.